Sunday, September 7, 2014

Z Bike Universal Bicycle Parking Stand for Vertical or Horizontal Parking

Z Bike Universal Bicycle Parking Stand

Unique and practical, the Z Bike bicycle parking stand great for ease of use and saving space

Home or Apartment use:

Because you can park your bike horizontally or vertically in such a small footprint, your bike or bikes will fit neatly in the garage, basement, tool shed, back yard, bedroom, deck, or lanai.  With two large compartments to store bicycle specific tools, you can easily work on your bike wherever it is parked. 

There are two really amazing aspects of the vertical parking capability.  First, it is very easy to mount the bike vertically into the stand.  You back the bike into the Zictech stand, then merely lift the front of the bike up and lock in position.  Even a child can do it.  Two, because of the patented engineering design, the bike can be mounted in the vertical position with no screws or other mounting of the stand to the floor. The stand itself counterbalances the bike so that the bike stays in the vertical position. For safety a pole and hook locks the bike in place.

To make the Z Stand super versatile, it fits all wheel sizes, including 650B 27.5" 29".

Many consumers have tried storing their bikes using dozens of other types of devices.  Some of these leave huge holes in the walls, result in tire scuff or worse on the walls, or merely elevate the bike without really creating any new space.  The potential to go vertical with the Z Stand universal bicycle parking stand changes all that.  Don’t hang the bike over the car, stand it up next to the car.

Bicycle Shop stand or display unit:

The Zictech stand is not designed to replace racking systems that have been specially designed for bicycle retailers, but rather to augment them.  The ability to stand the bike up on its rear wheel allows you to store bikes in places you otherwise could not, provides a striking display of both bike and stand when used in the showroom or front window, and can serve as a temporary work stand for quick repairs when other stands are in use. 

Commercial and industrial use

The Zictech Bicycle Stand is already designed to be daisy chained.  This is because the company has already heard from colleges, police departments, apartment owners, and others who need a different solution to institutional parking than those currently being offered. 

The Zictech stand can go outside during the day, and come in at night.  The plastic construction won’t rust and is easy to clean.  The versatile method of joining one unit to another allows for any number to be used, based on the need of the day, and then changed the next day.

As you can see, this is really a new and better way to park bikes in multiple situations.  The added benefit of storage in the rack is not to be overlooked.  This will be a big benefit for keeping personal tools in a personal space.  The colorful and modern design of the unit will also appeal to many who want to use this indoors for a bedroom or office. 

  Fits any wheel - 12″ – 29″, 700mm wheels ,20mm – 2.5″ tires
  No mounting or drilling- Ready to use
  Built-in storage for spare tubes, lights, tools, oil and more
  Space saver
  Easily store your bike vertically - without lifting your whole bike’s weight
  Can be used as trainer raiser block – Keeps the wheel in place, stabilizing the bike
  Protect your wheel – No pressure on wheel spokes
  Protect your gear tuning – Derailleur does not touch bike organizer
   Front or Rear Wheel  (When stored horizontally) – Simply Roll’ n Go
  No moving parts, no rust
  Metal hook for chain lock (optional)
  Link together – Fix and connect 2 bike stands to each other (optional)
  Registered patent

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